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Efforts for the development of green revolution and heavy industries have been made to create employment opportunities and incomes.

In the 1980s the government has undertaken some of the poverty alleviation programmes.

The Causes of Poverty in India: The problem of poverty is grim in India.

In Orissa, extreme poverty has forced parents to sell their children for money. Illiteracy, child labour, crime, corruption and prostitution are some of them.

They may not even be having enough clothes to wear.

In our country larger section of people are deprived of these basic necessities.

Poverty is the cumulative effect of many factors operating in the Indian society.

One of the main causes of poverty in our country is the continuous population growth.

Nature of Poverty in India: According to the Human Development Report of 1977, poverty is the denial of opportunities, to lead a long, healthy creative life and to enjoy a decent standard of living, freedom, dignity, self-respect and the respect of others. Measurement of Poverty: In our country, we might see some of our neighbors finding it difficult to get food even twice a day.

Some children in our neighborhood may look weak and highly malnourished because they do not get sufficient and nutritious food.


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