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In this system there are higher evolutionary life waves so that angels are the group spirits of groups (like families, teams, etc.), archangels are the group spirits of organizations, and, principalities are the group spirits of societies.

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For as long as human animals have pondered how we might differ from nonhuman animals (hereafter animals for convenience) many ideas have come and gone.

For example, it's been postulated that humans are created in the image of God and are the only rational beings.

These programs of extermination have become deliberate and organized.

Adolph Hitler had the volumes of Helena Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine", and "Isis Unveiled", in the book case that was right next to his bed.

This system of evolution was explained in more simple terms in Max Heindel's "Rosicrucian Cosmoconception", in which species, races, and nationalities are listed in order of their designated superiority.

Jews were considered to be the remains of the "third evolution of the fourth race", thus, inferior to the "fourth evolution of the fourth race".

An example of such linguistic recursion is furnished by Corballis.

The non-recursive sentences 'Jane loves John'' and 'Jane flies aeroplanes' may be combined to produce the recursive sentence 'Jane, who flies aeroplanes, loves John'.

But, on the way down, life in the spiritual had the consciousness of minerals, life in the astral had the consciousness of plants, life in the ethreal had the consciousness of animals, and then, life in the physical had human consciousness.

The evolution of life back up, in the ethereal (5) will have the consciousness of angels, in the astral (6) archangels, and back up in the spiritual (7) principalities.


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