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She sees the memoirlike problem novels as symptoms of ''the drastic fall from grace that the imagination has suffered in popular understanding'' and her generation's insistence on ''making our children wake from the dream of their childhoods.'' Adults, she suspects, secretly resent the sheltered, enchanted world children inhabit and under the pretext of preparing them for life's inevitable difficulties, want to rub their noses in traumas they may never actually experience and often aren't yet able to comprehend.

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You can't blame Feinberg for her alarm, but '' Welcome to Lizard Motel'' (titled after an art project created by one of her students) turns out to be more than a diatribe against the dark subject matter of Y. Her childhood favorite, '' A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,'' in which the loving but alcoholic father dies halfway through, is a prime specimen of the realistic vein in children's fiction, from which problem novels evolved.

Only a reader as attuned to realism as Feinberg could have puzzled out so nuanced a defense of imagination in children's lives.

I have to be very focus while reading this type of books in order to acquire fully understanding of the content.

Moreover, this sort of books has a lot of complex words, so I have to refer back to my dictionary to find these complicated words. It means that the process of producing a chemical compound.

This kind of books assists my mind psychologically.

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Unlike educational books, these books do not content any bizarre words at all.

Feinberg, who runs an arts program for kids, was provoked to write this unusual hybrid of memoir and polemic by the trials of her 12-year-old son, Alex.

She had seen him steel himself, again and again, for the joyless task of completing the assigned reading for his ''language arts'' class, and she decided to investigate how those books could so oppress a boy who otherwise happily gobbled up Harry Potter novels and anything by or about his idol, Mel Brooks.

For instance, my biology book assists me in the field of study whereas my entertaining book helps me to be cheerful.

In short, my books are classified accordingly into their purpose: for taking tests purpose, for fun purpose, and for religion purpose.


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