Toe Prothesis

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For people who cannot walk, the function is largely cosmetic.

For those who are most active, a prosthetic foot must mimic a normal foot during the act of walking.

If you still have part of your foot, you probably will need a custom prosthesis that is molded to fit in a shoe.

If you experienced an amputation involving the ankle, including ankle-disarticulation, Symes, Chopart, Pirogoff or Boyd surgery, you’ll need a specialized low-profile foot.

Carbon fiber feet meet the functional needs for shock absorption and energy efficiency, and are lightweight as well. A prosthetic foot has to feel good for you to meet your activity goals.

Comfort allows you to be more active, and the function of your prosthetic foot directly affects comfort. Prosthetic feet are designed to mimic a human foot at a specific activity level.A similar design, the SACH (solid-ankle-cushioned-heel) is still in use because of its sturdy function, especially useful for individuals with lower activity levels.A SACH foot typically has a rigid inner structure (wood or plastic) surrounded by a compressible foam cosmetic shell.The cosmetic shell, which stretches around the foot prosthesis and is held in place, serves two purposes: What’s inside the shell can vary dramatically. The materials in a prosthetic foot differ by activity level.Prosthetic feet are designed to meet the needs that fit your lifestyle and activity level. Wood, plastic and foam are usually found in feet designed for individuals who have low activity levels and require stability.Ideally the foot will be light because its weight is added to the rest of the leg prosthesis.If the foot is too heavy, the suspension system may be affected and with it the connection to the socket and your limb.For an amputation above the ankle, a standard prosthetic foot can meet your needs.You should consider multi-axial capability as well as shock absorption.Today’s more sophisticated feet, which add more functions, are secured inside a cosmetic shell.Most people never see their prosthetic foot without this exterior shell.


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