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The listener should offer feedback both about the content of the essay and the quality of the reading.

The listener should offer feedback both about the content of the essay and the quality of the reading.

Refer students to the Posting Comments section of the This I Believe Podcast Rubric. As a class, look at one of the student examples you read and listened to in Session 5.

Craft a comment that would score a 4 and one that would score a 1 on the rubric.

Using a computer with speakers, share the examples of Basic English podcasts you have selected (see Preparation, Step 2).

After each one, have students share items that they thought made the essay strong (e.g., clear examples to support ideas, powerful verbs; you can guide their responses based on the writing skills you are working on) and what made it weak. Have students return to their Two Belief Statements handouts, and share their statements and reasons with a partner to help select the most engaging and coherent belief statement.

See the Creating, Editing, and Posting Podcasts handout for a detailed explanation of the steps you should be taking to make the podcasts while students continue working on their essays. This can be done by hand or on the computers and may take some students multiple sessions.

Check in with students as they work, assisting them as necessary, and helping them determine when the essay is finished.Encourage students to make revisions to their writing as they practice reading it.Students whose parents have asked that they not post on the blog should complete Steps 1 to 4.They should start the essay with the words Modification for integrated classrooms You may choose to have students look at and listen to more This I Believe podcasts or have them look at and listen to podcasts written by students that do not focus on disabilities, such as those found at Digital Voices.back to top Provide feedback on students essays before the start of this session.From here your students will work at different paces.The work will not neatly fall into sessions, but should take approximately three class sessions to complete.Have them share their thinking about the statements with a partner. Explain to students that they should write about what they believe it is like to have a disability. Students should fill these in using the two statements they have selected as their strongest beliefs.While students are working, circulate and review each students work, verifying that they are developing strong, coherent belief statements. They should keep these sheets; they will use them during Session 5.back to top Using a computer with speakers, share the examples of This I Believe podcasts you have selected (see Preparation, Step 2).If you have printed copies of the essays, distribute them to students to read aloud.


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