Thing That Annoy Me Essay

For some people, it seems to happen more frequently compared to others.

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It is important to note that the person who is annoying us is not necessarily an annoying person.

When someone else acts in a certain way or says something to annoys us, it is our thoughts about his or her actions or words that create the actual annoyance. We get annoyed because we judge the words or actions of others, and that judgement creates our annoyance.

If we are mindful and control our thoughts about how others act, we will not get annoyed. If we are mindless and judge someone’s actions or words to be negative, we will get annoyed.

In other words, we are giving them the key to our mood and happiness.

That person is acting in a way that is normal to him or her.

When we think that person should not act in that way and view ourselves as being better than him, we then have expectations and get all riled up.

Facebook status: "I can't wait till hubby gets home! Conversely, when we were having marital problems a few years back, I lost a ton of weight. Now we are doing well again, so I'm back to fat and happy.

Not everyone does, so please be sensitive with these types of questions. Then we had our first child, and all hope of going to the gym regularly was lost. (Thankfully, Mike is also back to being clean shaven.) All is right in the world, although my long hair still annoys me to death.

When we do that, we ultimately give up our power to be happy.

Of course, if we think someone is not a good influence or is vindictive in his deeds and words, we can choose to distance ourselves from that person. We can walk away, unfriend that person on Facebook, get a new job somewhere else, or not answer his phone calls.


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