Thesis Wireless Lan Security

I believe this is an oversight, and I will provide rational for this in a later section.

Each wireless technology has unique security risks and concerns.

In WLAN environment the data moves through air, so wires and cables are unnecessary.

Wireless network is defined in standard IEEE 802.11b, which specifies radio frequency and infrared as transmission paths.

Wireless technologies cover a broad range of differing capabilities oriented toward Wireless network securityfree download In recent years, wireless local area network (WLAN) protocols or solutions have become much more affordable and user-friendly.

As alternatives or extensions to wired networks they can provide more flexibility and mobility.

Network security can be improved with ease by optimizing device settings. using DHCP may help attackers to find permitted IP -addresses.

Firstly, all WLAN gadgets should use some kind of wireless traffic scrambling. Ready-made user names and passwords should be changed as soon as possible.

Following links introduce some useful and proper security solutions for WLAN users.

Perfection of protection against unauthorized use of connection or data leakage also demands e.g.


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