The Thesis Statement Of A Strong Compare-And-Contrast Paragraph Should Combine

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These are the type memories we hold close to our hearts since they are from a time we love to reflect on, our childhood.

A time in our lives that is so important to us years later, since it represents a time of freedom you`ll never get back again. Our childhood was freedom, it was free from the stress that our teenage and adult years would exert on us.

I often know what I want to write, but struggle with writing about 3 points with 3 different paragraphs.

I often see just one point broad point and try to make an essay based off of that.

Looking at your essay, I can't tell if you are writing about freedom, nostalgia, or different types of things that trigger memories, or what.

There are a lot of themes there that are worth working on.I'm writing an essay but I struggle with thesis statements and paragraphs.My teacher wants my thesis to be significant, specific, single, and supportable.Yet its this image of the adventure which makes me feel many emotions at once, this image which completely encapsulates this time so different from today.What ever this adventure was; playing Nintendo 64 on rainy Saturday afternoons, watching Pokemon in the basement with my older brother, web-surfing the primitive days of google, or what ever the adventure was I`ll never experience it as pure as I did.I'm going to pick one of these and show you how I would build your essay from that, but you could choose a different focus and build your essay differently.Let's say your essay is about how your perception of your own entertainment has changed over time.Time has passed inevitably and with time comes change, and because of it Ill never play Nintendo 64 the same way again, back then the whole experience would consume me, occasionally interrupted by thoughts which may or may not have been related to it, but what was there, was warmth.This warmth was produced by my little body, this warmth made my eyes glued to the screen, this warmth which I simply defined as it made feel good.Looking at the rest of what you've written, here are three examples relating to freedom that you talk about in your essay: You will use these three examples to illustrate your point (i.e., your thesis statement).When you have more experience, you can be clever about the examples, using them to highlight different aspects of your thesis or to compare and contrast different views of the same issue.


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