The Singer Solution To World Poverty Pros And Cons Essay

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Worse, appeals to religious tradition suffer the same flaw as any appeal to tradition: the fact that an action is traditional fails to justify it.

For more pro-and-con: Alliance for Jewish Renewal Canada, “The Sacred Foods Project” Humane Society “About the Sacred Foods Project” Wikipedia, "Vegetarianism and Religion” Roger Scruton, “The Duty to Eat Meat” David J.

For more pro-and-con: UC Berkeley News, “Meat Eating was Essential to Human Evolution” National Geographic, “Evolving to Eat Mush: How Meat Changed our Bodies” NPR, “Meat-Based Diet Made Us Smarter” (return to top) Culture-Tradition Cultures and traditions determine what is appropriate and inappropriate to do. It is not difficult to think of traditional practices that are morally objectionable, such as slavery, dog fighting, and burning witches.

My culture and tradition does not forbid eating meat, therefore there is nothing inappropriate about it. The fact that one is raised in a meat-eating culture merely explains why someone develops a taste for meat. Eating animals can celebrate traditions, flavors, and the gifts of nature in a way that abstaining from eating animals cannot.If the nutrition argument exclude cannibalism, reasons must be offered to defend the permissibility of eating some kinds of meat but not other kinds.A healthy diet does not require eating meat, especially if it includes dietary supplements.We are anatomically suited to eat both animals and plants.It is not in our nature to eat an exclusively plant-based diet. Our pre-historic ancestors ate meat, first raw then cooked. Therefore, to eat anything but a diet that includes meat is unnatural. To refrain from eating meat makes us less human – or worse humans.The problem is an excessive amount of saturated fats, not eating meat in moderation.Replies If eating meat is required for a healthy diet then it would also permit eating humans.A vegan diet requires more dietary supplements but it also provides adequate nutrients.For more pro-and-con:, "Eating Vegetarian" Mayo Clinic, “Vegetarian Diet: How to Get the Best Nutrition”, "Vegetarianism" Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, “Meat and Health” This Man Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again (return to top) Human Nature Humans are omnivores.Replies Arguments from human nature make an unjustified appeal to nature.Just because N exists does not mean that N is good or right.


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