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In summary, ultimately he is as much a ‘loser’ as a winner – or rather, more a loser than a winner, since the money, and his talent for ‘guessing’ the correct winner, are no good to him when he’s dead.What significance should we give to the names of the winning horses in Lawrence’s story?

But this is not the only way in which we might analyse Lawrence’s short story.

Is ‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ meant to be read as symbolic?

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It’s difficult to say for certain, but one likely interpretation of ‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ is that if you expend all your energy trying to accrue wealth, it will end up destroying you.

This is, indeed, what it does to Paul: riding his rocking-horse proves very bad for his health.A reading of a classic short story ‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ is a short story by D. But how we should analyse and interpret the story remains unclear. He does this several times, winning ever greater sums of money for his mother, egged on by his Uncle Oscar in whom he confides about the rocking-horse trick. It’s a story about luck, money, and success, and the dangers of chasing after these and investing too much in them. In summary, ‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ focuses on a young boy, Paul, who wishes to win money for his mother and who manages to do so by riding his rocking-horse until he enters a state of near-frenzy and he manages to ‘predict’ the name of the horse that will win the next major race.Though outwardly successful, she is haunted by a sense of failure; her husband is a ne'er-do-well and her work as a commercial artist does not earn as much as she would like.The family's lifestyle exceeds its income and unspoken anxiety about money permeates the household.Sometimes he says he is "sure" of a winner for an upcoming race, and the horses he names do in fact win, sometimes at remarkable odds.Uncle Oscar and Bassett both place large bets on the horses Paul names. It was made into a full-length film directed by Anthony Pelissier and starring John Howard Davies, Valerie Hobson and John Mills; the film was released in the United Kingdom in 1949 and in 1950 in the United States. It was first published in July 1926, in Harper's Bazaar and subsequently appeared in the first volume of Lawrence's collected short stories.After further winning, Paul and Oscar arrange to give the mother a gift of five thousand pounds, but the gift only lets her spend more.Disappointed, Paul tries harder than ever to be "lucky".


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