The Red Room Coursework

The Red Room Coursework-19
The fact that the room is very low down and isolated also creates a sense of unease.The room is on the left, and the left is associated with being sinister.He attempts to conquer his fear by lighting candles, but keeping the candles lit in the draughty room becomes an ongoing battle.

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This reinforces the sense of intrigue, but apprehensive intrigue.

If anything goes wrong whilst the young man is in the Red Room, this amputee will not be able to help him at all.

In the Yellow Wallpaper, the sense of anxiety and panic created by the furniture and objects contained in the room are similar.

‘The windows are barred for little children and there are rings and things on the walls.’ This supports ideas of imprisonment and restraint.

For example, Wells uses phrases such as,’ whatever dust had gathered on the carpets’.

Dust symbolizes and old or antique quality in something, or something that has aged.

So the Red Room and the Yellow Wallpaper both contrast in using the location to achieve a sense of fear.

The furniture and objects in the room also depict an unnerving and tense atmosphere.

He begins to imagine that the drafts are guided by a malevolent intelligence.

As the narrator's fear reaches a crescendo, he stumbles onto a large piece of furniture (possibly the bed), and ricochets off the walls, in a blind panic; hitting his head and eventually falling unconscious.


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