The Battle Over Homework

The Battle Over Homework-55
We eventually get it done, but it is taking far too long and sometimes ruins the evening.

We eventually get it done, but it is taking far too long and sometimes ruins the evening.

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Focus on playtime As a parent the important priority is to have a daily fun time connecting with your child.

This has the most benefit for children ( and parents) in terms of their well-being and it is also the time when they are most likely to learn new things.

Parent involvement in education is important but can be done more effectively by simply reviewing the school day with their children without a long time in formal homework.

Many schools do adopt more creative homework policies and recommend more creative and flexible learning at home.

The truth about homework While often a central part of the day in most homes, there is little evidence that formal homework for primary school children increases their academic performance or educational outcomes.

However, there is a lot of evidence that homework battles and stress round homework have many negative outcomes for children in that it can cause a dislike of learning and schoolwork and put considerable stress on the parent-child relationship – put simply it can ruin many evenings in the family home. Reading at home with your children has many positive educational outcomes (backed up by many studies) and this should be the main home learning priority rather formal rote homework.

Indeed, many of the Scandanavian countries who have the best educational outcomes, abandon formal homework in primary school and encourage play-based and fun learning at home.

Take a step back from homework So given the above research, it is important that you take a step back from the stressful homework pattern you have got caught into.

You want to break this negative pattern and reintroduce some fun learning at home.

You can do this by setting a time limit on homework ( e.g.


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