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Jeff Jarvis, president of Advance.net, a company that builds Web sites for newspapers and magazines, and a blogging enthusiast, defended what he called one's ''obligation to the blog.'''' The addictive part is not so much extreme narcissism,'' Mr. '' It's that you're involved in a conversation.

You have a connection to people through the blog.'' Some compulsive bloggers take their obligation to extremes, blogging at the expense of more financially rewarding tasks. Wiggins has missed deadline after deadline at Searcher, an online periodical for which he is a paid contributor.

Of course, most of those millions are abandoned or, at best, maintained infrequently.

For many bloggers, the novelty soon wears off and their persistence fades.

Rothfuss said, he blogged at work, at home, late into the night, day in and day out until it all became a blur -- all the while knowing, he added, ''that no one was necessarily reading it, except for myself.'' When traffic to the blog, greg.started to rise, he began devoting half a day every day and much of the weekend to it. Rothfuss said he has few memories of that period in his life aside from the compulsive blogging. Rothfuss switched jobs, finding one he enjoyed, and his blogging grew more moderate.

He was saved from the rut of his online chronicle when he traveled to Asia. He still has the blog, but posts to it just twice a week, he said, ''as opposed to twice an hour.'' He feels healthier now.

Now she spends at least four hours a day posting to her blog and reading other blogs. He blogs late into the night, although he knows that the site still attracts relatively few visitors.'' Sometimes you get really particular with the kind of link you want, so you search a little more, then a little more, then you want to see what other people are saying about that link you chose,'' he said.

'' And before you know it, some real time has passed.'' Others find they are distracted to the point of neglectfulness.

'' The Web's illusion of immortality is sometimes more attractive than actual cash,'' she said. ('' So I can blog,'' she explains.)Blogging for a cause can take on a special urgency.

Jocelyn Wang, a 27-year-old marketing manager in Los Angeles, started her blog, a chronicle of whatever happens to pop into her head ( 18 months ago as an outlet for boredom. And the people she has met through the blog are a large part of her core of friends.'' There is no real separation in my life,'' she said. Richard Khoe, a political consultant in Washington who in his spare time helps run a pro-John Kerry group called Run Against Bush, posts constantly to the blog embedded in the group's Web site (


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