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But I let her do it wrong first time and discover the problem during verification.Because that’s how we solve problems in real life, but school education teaches only right steps to arrive at the solution.

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I explained her that it’s because Feb has 29 days in leap year which occurs once in every four years. She filled 2013 (using calendar this time since pattern changed) and we looked for pattern.

For Jan and Feb the index got incremented by 2, but Mar to Dec is went back to old pattern of increment by 1. We could have skipped the research work and simply asked her to fill the calendar book by looking at the real calendar or using voice assistant.

She easily found that each number just got incremented by 1. To fill 2011, she didn’t look at the 2011 calendar, instead just followed the pattern by just adding 1 to 2010’s page number.

Then we both checked against 2011 calendar and it matched perfectly.

Learning Archimedes imaginative skill is more important than to learn formulas using π and calculating areas of various shapes.

The current education system is created for industrial revolution.

She repeated the same for 2012 calendar, and during verification we found that the pattern changed.

For Jan and Feb, pattern remained same just one higher that previous year. For e.g index for Mar 2011 is 2 while index for Mar 2012 is 4.

How to create 10 year calendar with less that 10 pages? I will share how I taught my 7 year old daughter to make 10 year calendar with less than 10 pages.

Then, I will answer why we should not teach simply the solutions to problems by explaining reasoning behind my teaching approach.


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