Sunnie And Shia Essay

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Because of the oppressive acts committed by the government, the Saudi government has been world widely recognized as “the most anti-Shia government in the world” (Megalommatis 49).

The tension between Sunni and Shia in Saudi Arabia reaches its climax these past few years (Al – Qudaihi 1).

But, Shia did not accept this decision and refused to join with Sunni.

They continued their belief that the leaders of the Islamic world should remain within the Prophet’s family through Ali and Fatima and that they recognized Ali to be the first Imam (Abdulwaheed 30).

As Saudi government sees this closely relationship between Iranain Shias and Saudi Shias, they perceive it as a threat to national security.

Thus, the Saudi government acts more suppressive to Shias than ever.So, they admired Ali, who was the Prophet’s cousin and husband of the Prophet’s daughter, Fatima to be the first one (Abdulwaheed 30).While another group, later known as Sunni, claimed that the Prophet had left this issue to them, his followers, to decide whether who should become the first caliph.Shia Islam also allowed a fixed-term temporary marriage called “muttah” which is currently prohibited by the Sunnis (Abdulwaheed 51).There are 2 main religious sections in Saudi Arabia which are Sunni and Shia.The Shias have a different way to do the ritual to the Sunni, wudu and salat practices performed by them differ from the ones practiced by the Suuni, for instance of Shias, forehead is placed “onto a piece of hardened clay from Karbala, and not directly onto the prayer mat” when they perform worship (Abdulwaheed 51).Prayers are often combined by the Shias also, and sometimes only three (instead of five) worshipping is performed per day.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.After Ali died, Shia believed that there were 11 more Imams after Ali within the Prophet’s family.Unexpectedly, the 12th Imams, Al-Mahdi, disappeared after he became a caliph for a few days.


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