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To gather this information, read as much as you can find about your industry, its leaders and the companies who will be your prime competitors.

Additionally, consider your company’s web presence. Most prospects will expect even a small or solo new business to have a website of some kind.

It should include a way to contact you, some information about your services or products and your company’s profile at a minimum.

The vision answers the question, “Where would you like your business to be in three-to-five years?

” It’s not quite a mission statement but it should align with it.

However, these days, paying to advertise may not even be a viable or desirable avenue to pursue in a new business.

Other strategies may prove more effective, such as word-of-mouth, referrals, organic social media and direct mail.

It’s also crucial to ensure all financial projections are based on concrete assumptions that you can support with data of some kind. Make sure your projections are conservative, especially in the first fiscal year.

Generally, new businesses discover it takes longer than anticipated to build up momentum in their target markets, and often revenues lag as a result in the early months.

Additionally, you should include biographies of all key personnel in this section.

Set out their experience and qualifications to lead the company.


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