Science Assignments For High School

There are a thousand ways of implementing the science practices into your curriculum as the practices are only about what the students are expected to do, not how they learn the practices.

Many of them include options for advanced students.

Additionally, the lessons meet Next Generation Science Standards.

Lessons that integrate inquiry, prior knowledge, & various learning styles while capturing students' curiosity, have the greatest impact on learning.

The Next Gen standards incorporate three main ideas: 1) Science Practices, 2) Content Knowledge, 3) Integrate Concepts.

The Common Core and NGSS are focused on "what needs to be taught", not how it is taught.

Curriculum is one of the most important aspects of any class as it combines the what you teach with how you teach it.

What links those different topics together is a crosscutting concept.

The benefit of using the crossingcutting concepts is that they discourage rote learning about one topic.

The 2nd key ingredient is for students to engage with either hands-on learning or analyze data or text you provide.

Only after students analyze the lab results / data / text is when you teach the content.


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