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Are they used to fund innovation and new techniques, or for increased research?Before we have a concrete understanding of the results of savings for colleges, and the desire to maintain this source of revenue, the notion that institutions should not modify their policies for saving appears false.

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So talented students that are poor are less likely to get the best institutions.

Educational resources are often a moot point anyway, with talented students from middle-running universities being overtaken from lesser students who have the money to go to Ivy League.

But in order to identify this ‘best evidence’, the nurse must undertake an evaluation and critical review of research studies, to see if the research is useful and of sufficient quality to be applied to their practice (Fink, 2005).

This essay evaluates a quantitative research article which has relevance to nursing practice, because it deals with a chronic condition and one which is prevalent in worldwide populations.

In research conducted towards the graduate studies market, Winston and Zimmermann find that recently, there has been a trend leading towards something known as "negative tuition", which promotes student subsidies over regular tuition fees, due to the fact that competition for student satisfaction is increasing (page 3).

By exploring profitable markets, and analogues for competition, they note that higher education is very distinct, as donations and other sources of revenue help to pay for costs, in turn allowing students to gain subsidies.

If nurses are to improve their practice, and apply evidence to improve their clinical and theoretical knowledge and skills, they must be able to assess the quality of the available research which is relevant to their practice (Freshwater and Bishop, 2003k p23; Hek, 2000, p 19).

According to Hek (2000 p 19-21), evidence based practice incorporates professional expertise, patient need and preference, and the best available evidence.


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