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In order to avoid a freak out, Carmen will avoid posting things that have a high likelihood of mother misinterpretation.This can make communication tricky at times and Carmen must work to write in ways that are interpreted differently by different people.It is also experimentally proved that pixel difference histogram and RS analysis techniques cannot detect the proposed steganography technique.

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Privacy in a public age Carmen is engaging in social steganography.

She’s hiding information in plain sight, creating a message that can be read in one way by those who aren’t in the know and read differently by those who are.

If a block after embedding in this fashion suffers with fall off boundary problem, then that block is undone from the above hybrid embedding and modified 4-bit LSB substitution is applied.

Experimentally, it is evidenced that the hiding capacity is improved to a greater extent.

That’s just lame.” Still, she knows that her mom means well and she sometimes uses this pattern to her advantage.

While Carmen welcomes her mother’s presence, she also knows her mother overreacts.Social steganography is one of the most common techniques that teens employ.They do this because they care about privacy, they care about misinterpretation, they care about segmented communications strategies.But her closest friends knew that this song appears in the movie when the characters are about to be killed.They reached out to her immediately to see how she was really feeling.While adults have worked diligently to exclude people through privacy settings, many teenagers have been unable to exclude certain classes of adults – namely their parents – for quite some time.For this reason, they’ve had to develop new techniques to speak to their friends fully aware that their parents are overhearing.Buzzwords in my world include: privacy, context, youth culture, social media, big data.I use this blog to express random thoughts about whatever I'm thinking. As far as Carmen’s concerned, she has nothing to hide from her mother so she’s happy to have her mom as her ‘friend’ on Facebook.As far as they’re concerned, Carmen just posted an interesting lyric.Social steganography is one privacy tactic teens take when engaging in semi-public forums like Facebook.


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