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An example of a hardware brain is Robokoneko the robocat from Genobyte. Robot helicopter research began at the University of Southern California in 1991 with the formation of the Autonomous Flying Vehicle Project and continues to the present day.

The first robot built was the AFV (Autonomous Flying Vehicle).

In mimicking human intelligence, the goal is to make sure robots get a brain and reasoning.

An important pioneer in the field of AI is Marvin Minsky.

These technological advances will lead to improvements and innovations in the application of robotics to industry, medicine, the military, space exploration, underwater exploration, and personal service.

The research projects listed below are only a few of many robotic research projects worldwide.A drawback is the limited number of processes that can be run on today's computers and the single purpose programs running on these computers. The brain will consists of several chips that act both independently and as a group.The general belief is that the real brain works as a neural network of lots of independent processing units. It will process information but also pass it on to other chips. The network of chips is quick and will adapt, so in contrast with the software brain, it will learn.A muscle receive a signal form the brain and contracts. The downside, nitinol is very expensive en the contraction is too little to allow it to be used to make walking robots.For the time being walking robots will not use muscles or engines but pneumatic of hydrolic technologies.To demonstrate advances in research and to stimulate scientist to share progress the Robocup competition is organized a few times a year. Movement, pattern recognition, where's the ball, where's the goal, who is in my team, all this and more is needed to score a goal.A simple games becomes a challenge for a robot team.The AVATAR (Autonomous Vehicle Aerial Tracking And Retrieval), was created in 1994.The current robot, the second generation AVATAR (Autonomous Vehicle Aerial Tracking And Reconnaissance), was developed in 1997.Once finished, Cog will have everything except legs, whereas Kismet has only a 36-kilogram head that can display a wide variety of emotions.To do this Kismet has been given movable facial features that can express basic emotional states that resemble those of a human infant.


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