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Ontologies of research areas are important tools for characterising, exploring and analysing the research landscape.

Ontologies of research areas are important tools for characterising, exploring and analysing the research landscape.We recently released the Computer Science Ontology (CSO), a large-scale, automatically generated ontology of research areas, which includes about 26K topics and 226K semantic relationships.

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To search for recent work by a particular author, title, or conference, sometimes DBLP is the way to go.

If you just want to browse recent work, then as others have said sometimes is a good way to go, but take care that the authors are reputable because arxiv is not peer reviewed.

I am having trouble deciding what I would focus my research on when I go for my Ph D. As AJed mentioned, ACM digital library and IEEE xplorer would be near the top of list.

Additionally Goggling with advanced search for the name of the reference with the option to search for PDF or PS increases the change of a hit.

Research must have been accepted/presented elsewhere in order to count.

In my opinion, since as you said you haven't decided yet the field of your research,starting from papers for inspiration is a bit odd.

In this paper, we present the CSO Classifier, an application for automatically classifying academic papers according to the rich taxonomy of topics from CSO.

The aim is to facilitate the adoption of CSO across the various communities engaged with scholarly data and to foster the development of new applications based on this knowledge base.

Added 3/2/2013 Microsoft Academic Search This can also visualize publication trends in computer Added 1/1/20016 - Open access to 1,106,143 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics. Look as well in Science Direct (Elsevier) and Springer (for theoretical computer science, I believe these two libraries are better).

This has a nice feature that list survey papers which is useful when you are starting on something new. Usually, googling your research problem would lead you to papers.


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