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Since the early 1990s, although concerns of overconsumption and a lack of vitamins and minerals have grown, undernourishment has fallen by around 27%.But eradicating malnutrition and achieving global food security is an ambitious goal.

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Since 1988 he has been analysing in more general terms the role of scientific experts, evidence and advice in public policy-making.

Having conducted comparative studies of food safety policy-making regimes across numerous jurisdictions, he contributed to articulating proposals for the creation of the UK’s Food Standards Agency, and led a study for the European Parliament reviewing the proposal to create the European Food Safety Authority.

With the current rate of progress, the United Nations' sustainable development goal of ending global hunger by 2030 is likely to be missed (see page S6).

Improvements in crop yield are getting smaller each year.

In Egypt, for example, where land and water scarcity is an obstacle to food security, the population's needs may be better served by the promotion of waste reduction and a change in consumption patterns, rather than by costly land reclamation projects (S14).

Our appetite for meat is unsustainable, and demand is only set to increase with a growing global population.

While integration across academic disciplines is encouraged, papers on components of will also be considered if they address important constraints and have a broad inference space.

The goal is to publish concise and timely reviews and synthesis articles about research on following elements of food security: • Availability (sufficient quantity and quality)• Access (affordability, functioning markets and policies)• Nutrition, Safety and Sanitation • Stability and Environment (resilience and ecosystem services)Distinguishing features of content are: (a)issues that contain several papers that address specific, timely topics of importance to food security, (b) authors who are recognized authorities in their field, (c) a focus on food security challenges in an interdisciplinary manner and at national to global scales, and (d) a focus on challenging current paradigms, seeking to provide out-of-the box thinking on global issues.

Since 1974 he has been researching into the causes, consequences and regulation of technological change in the food and chemical industries.

His research focus has extended over food additives, pesticides and veterinary medicines, as well as BSE, GM foods and obesity.


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