Research Paper On Employee Satisfaction

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Such matter may directly or some indirectly affect the human resource practices of recruitment and selection, training, human resource development, performance appraisal orientation and maintaining the workforce.Besides, if a high numbers of employees leave the organization, workload and overtime working condition for existing employees are heavily increased, and thus, may reduce their productivity level due to low employee morale.Study of paper: The study of this paper is exploratory is qualitative study of research.

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As for the research hypotheses, they are specific statement of prediction that the research expected in this study.

Thus, the research used alternate hypotheses to identify if there is a significant relationship between the independent variables with the dependent variable mentioned.

In addition, not only it brings negative consequences towards the employees, a high rate of job turnover in an organization may impact its overall performance.

Therefore, in order to obtain a high productivity and performance, it is crucial for organization to gain employees support and contribution [1,2].

In this study find out what are other factors to influence the employee satisfaction and turnover intention the determinants of employee turnover has been studied extensively.

Design/methodology/approach: There are a total of 70 questionnaires collected from 90 questionnaires that had been distributed at the chosen organization.As for inferential statistics, Pearson Correlation Coefficient was used to measure the degree between independent variables with dependent variable in this research.Conclusion: The research findings showed that for the independent variable of job satisfaction with the factors on satisfaction with pay and supervisory support had a low and negative significant relationship on employee turnover intention.In this manner, keeping employees satisfied with careers must be a priority to each and every employer.Whilst, this is so-called fact in management practices, decline in economy may cause employer to refuse it.Demographic characteristics were discussed briefly according to the frequency level and percentage.Findings: In addition, both descriptive and inferential statistics were applied to analyze the data obtained.Employee’s Turnover Intention is important for desirable outcomes to any business.A high degree of employee feeling, possession and status are directly connected and interlinked to a lower turnover rate.The importance of this topic is realized all over the world.For instance the workers and research conducted on this topic is clear proof for it, further more organization private emphasizing more on creating a good job satisfaction and implemented.


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