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Do not forget to count them and give the proper names to the equipment.If you apply a survey, mention these criteria for proper APA referencing: .

However, this is also the part, where the details are often missed while writing, and sometimes during reading due to its highly technical nature’.

In this article, we will share some tips to make the Methods section of your manuscript interesting and informative.

It reflects the vulnerability of a child’s subconsciousness towards the harmful effects of nightmares.

Here according to APA rules you need to discuss how the data was collected.

It may be the names of the reagents and instruments, separated by some numbers in terms of some concentrations or the technical terminologies that make the reading a heavy-duty task.

Listed below are some useful ways of breaking the ice between the Methods section and the readers:: Usually, each paragraph or subsection of the Methods section talks about a specific experiment.

Make sure that any other person will be able to repeat the experiment after your notes.

In APA you have to add as many details as possible: variables, ratios, etc. State the instructions that were given to the participants. Two groups of participants were asked to pass the test as quickly as possible, without thinking about the questions.

They were sitting in individual tables in the classroom. The average duration of the experiment was 15 minutes.

The APA style of referencing and paper writing has some regulations concerning the method section: Now you know how to describe the methodology of a research paper properly in APA.


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