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Lighting is one such cue that he uses a lot—it is said that at certain points in filming, he had used every single light owned by the studio in which this film was shot.In this film, lighting is used to reveal things: when the lights are on in any given apartment, Jeff is able to peer inside and watch through the window (almost resembling a little TV screen; Jeff is also able to channel surf through the various apartments—Hitchcock uses panning to show this).

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Intertwined with this mystery is also the rather complex story of Jeff and Lisa’s relationship.

As with any other text, the social conditions at the time of ’s release in 1954 inform and shape the interactions and events of the film.

Released in the post-war period, the film is undoubtedly characterised by the interpersonal suspicion which defined the era.

It was an aspiration which everyone was expected to have, and this is reflected statistically—only 9.3% of homes then had single occupants (as opposed to around 25% today).

People also tended to marry at a younger age, generally in their early 20s.


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