Psychological Disorder Research Paper

An example of a deviant behavior is a person who has decided to go on a shooting spree.

This is an abnormal behavior but to qualify it as a psychological disorder, then it must cause distress to the person in question or those in the vicinity.

Furthermore, biochemistry plays a role in the normal operation of life.

This approach justifies the role of Biology in psychological disorder.

For this reason, they invent their own ways of counteracting the stress.

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A common observation about disorders is its anxiety level.

The five axes of the DSM-IV-TR assist clinician in diagnosing psychological disorder.

These axes as researched by Myers (2008) are: One of the advantages attached to DSM-IV-TR is its reliability level.

An extreme level of distress is dangerous since it can lead to suicide.

Also incorporated in the definition of a psychological disorder is its dysfunctional concept.


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