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Some applicants also write about other serious health issues: cancer or car accidents. The pain intensified as the days passed, and every time I tried to eat, it made me aware of the pain. Always circle and see what the prompt is really asking you.

And some may write about having a family member who suffered these health issues. “Pierce, we need to go to the hospital.” Before I knew it, I was in hospital bed with an IV in my arm. After reviewing the test results, it is clear you have Crohn’s Disease.” my heart dropped.”“My eyes were quickly moving from wall to wall passing over my closest friend sitting across the deceivingly long table. It doesn’t ask you to describe your challenge, setback or failure.

There are a total of seven Common App essay prompts that students can choose from.

For the most part, all the essay prompts are generally quite broad, so most of you will have a few topics that come to mind as you scan through them.

As an athlete, it’s very common to experience road bumps. If sports is a big part of your high school career, it can be a great topic for you.

How To Write Phd Research Proposal - Prompt 2 Essay

Through writing about the difficulties you faced as a student athlete can demonstrate your perseverance, dedication and dedication.“My stomach painfully twists as I sit in the van driving back from my mission trip to Eagle Pass. The artificial air conditioning between us seemed to create a barrier stopping the typical flow of words normally shared between us on car rides to Stinson Beach or across the table at our weekend family dinners. The prompt is asking how it impacted your life and what you learned from it.“Spoken in Russian, especially to American students, the US Constitution sounds little like the original refrain. And that’s what you want to focus on in your essay. You can frame it with the challenge in the introduction paragraph.Applicants can talk about suffering from ADHD all the way to depression.While it can be a very moving topic, it can also be too personal too share.But to E, my classmate from Moscow, those words meant everything. You can start with how you deal with things now and introduce a flashback.The day she recited the Preamble in her native language in our eighth-grade history class, I found myself captivated by her speech. As I attempted to decipher the whirlwind of E’s rolled r’s and cryptic expressions, I craved for understanding.”“”Did you not hear or did you not listen? It depends on the situation and which essay topic you choose.Don’t feel pressured to choose any of the following essay topics that are listed here.They are simply common topics that applicants write about when it comes to this prompt.If there are any you can quickly eliminate, do that and focus on the prompts you be interested in responding to.The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success.


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