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This is important, because once you pass the Mc Kinsey resume screening, the PST is the only thing standing in your way before you can shine in Mc Kinsey interviews.

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The Mc Kinsey PST is a 1 hour, 26-multiple-choice-question test that focuses on 3 different business cases.Do your best to maintain the balance between accuracy and speed.We built a whole mental math course (with drills) to help you do this.S., you will be required to take the Mc Kinsey PST if the office requires it – but again, most U. Ask when networking or speaking with a local recruiter.With an unlimited amount of time, the Mc Kinsey PST would not be as feared.An hour will go by extremely quickly, so you’ll need to figure out a good method to manage your time.We recommend establishing a set number of minutes per question that you force yourself not to go over (this takes practice! Remember that you don’t need to get roughly 70% of the questions correct, so it’s often better to skip or guess on a question if it’s taking up too much time.If you are enrolled in a target undergrad or target MBA program in the U.S., and you are applying through on-campus recruiting, you will rarely be asked to take the Mc Kinsey PST.S., you will be asked to take the Mc Kinsey PST if your top choice office requires it (for example, many U. offices have phased it out but European offices have kept it).If you are applying as an experienced hire to offices outside the U. If you are an ADC, or Advanced Degree Candidate, the Mc Kinsey PST is likely in your future. The best way to know if the Mc Kinsey PST is required for your office of choice?


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