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Foreign Corporations Corporations formed outside the limits of the Commonwealth (Incorporation case) Trading Corporations Trade has same meaning as in s51(i) and s 92 and includes buying and selling, 1.Negotiating and bargaining, transport for reward, and the purchase or sale of money, credit, news information, tangibles and intangibles: R v Trade Practices 2.LLB203 Constitutional Law Authorised laws: regulation of charges paid for air flights to and from Australia on all sectors of flights to overseas locations (R v Halton) laws requiring payment of penalties for transactions involving prohibited narcotics importations, even after transactions took place (R v Smithers) Regulation of extraterritorial trading activities, including the conditions of sale of goods arriving at foreign location (Crowe v Commonwealth) and the regulation of investments in foreign countries (R v Hugest) Application to facts: Here, the facts are that act had the effect of and this not been authorised existing case law the s51(i) power and would thus be 3. Anything that crosses a border is interstate trade and commerce: Bank Nationalisation case movements of intangibles across borders is also interstate trade and commerce: Bank of NSW v The Cth If the law applies to the making of a contract (rather than the delivery) the contract must, expressly or necessary implication, contemplate delivery across a border otherwise will not fall within the scope of the power: W A Mc Arthur v Queensland Business in two states not necessarily doing interstate: Hospital Provident Fund v Victoria. SCOPE OF TREATY IMPLEMENTATION POWER UNDER S 51(XXIX)?

Foreign Corporations Corporations formed outside the limits of the Commonwealth (Incorporation case) Trading Corporations Trade has same meaning as in s51(i) and s 92 and includes buying and selling, 1.

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General principles (apply to all) The power has a central core related to armed forces (Communist Party case), exercisable at war or in times of peace Power also has a secondary aspect that is purposive in nature (Communist Party case) What is necessary and appropriate for the defence of the Commonwealth in times of war is different from what is necessary or appropriate in times of peace: Pulyukhovich 2.

The activities of borrowing in order to lend and lending at interest are financial activities placing the corporation in the category of financial corporation: Re Ku Ring Gai Building Society per Brennan J Financial Corporations Include: A cooperative building society set up to provide low interest loans for housing: Re Building Society LLB203 Constitutional Law any meaningful way: Work Choices case Scope of s 51(xx) extends to regulation of the activities, functions, relationships and the business of a corporation, the creation of rights, and privileges belonging to such a corporation, the imposition of obligation and to the regulation of the conduct of those whom it acts and those whose conduct is affected its activities, functions, relationships or business: Work Choices TRADE AND COMMERCE Parliament has power to make laws with respect to trade and commerce with other countries, and among the States (s To be valid, it must be and and either 1) with other countries, or 2) among States 1. Trade and commerce and selling are at the very heart of trading (R v Trade Practices Tribunal).

Also includes: the act of transporting or delivering for reward (carriage of passengers or delivery of goods: Australian National Airways v Commonwealth activities preliminary to transport, delivery etc Mc Arthur v Qld) transfer of credit and traffic in intangibles (e.g.

Something connected factory producing uniforms for armed services: Clothing Factory Case Maintenance of discipline of armed to regulating conduct punishment, even when conduct occurs outside Australia (Re Tracey) Creation of a disciplinary code outside Ch 3 of constitution held valid: Re Tracey organisation of a defence force requires a system of discipline administered judicially not as part of judicature, but as part of organisation of the force Acts extending criminal offences to those carried out defence personnel outside of Australia held valid in Re Colonel Ex Parte Alpert (even if on rec leave).

Test (proportionality test for Could Parliament have reasonably considered that the law was appropriate and adapted to serve a legitimate purpose?

The naturalization side of s 51(xix) can admit them to the full rights of citizenship under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 Aliens (s 51(xix)) 1.

APPROPRIATE TEST: Nolan v Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (following Pochi) An is any person born outside Australia to parents Commonwealth parliament has a plenary power over aliens 2. Parliament can determine which categories of persons shall be treated as aliens BUT that its discretion is limited the constitutional concept of alienage: case (majority finding) The Commonwealth parliament may determine someone is alien under federal law but cannot determine them an alien under the Constitution, nor can they determine scope of alienage for constitutional purposes (at It is for the Courts exercising the judicial power of the Cth to determine who is an alien with respect to s 51(xix) There were three main conclusions regarding scope of power (apply each): Mc Hugh Callinan JJ (dissenting): held that s 51(xix) has the meaning given the common born in Australia can be an Gleeson CJ: held the Parliament can decide whether a person is an alien (but include who could not possible answer that and Kir J held that, the limits set the unchanging, essential elements of the Parliament can give meaning to the word.

Thus, Parliament cannot amend definition to include persons who could not possible answer the description of aliens in the Constitution (Singh).

Application to Facts: On the facts, it appears that Act or would come under the aliens power, and the scope of the law not fall within the heart of the power. LLB203 Constitutional Law The Parliament can make laws with respect to the naval and military defence of the Commonwealth and of several states, and control of the forces to execute and maintain the laws of the Commonwealth (s 51(vi)) 1.


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