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You are taken by a ‘fixer’ — a paid translator, driver and social planner — to a village made up of several small huts and a central bungalow with three ancient looms and the equipment for making the dies. You’d probably have a working shotlist in your head (or written).It would include photos in each of the categories below: I want to introduce a few basic ideas here about editing essays in general and slideshows in particular. The first few images are especially important and often include a combination of the following: In the commercial world online publications frequently present something called a ‘flipbook.’ This might be series of images of this season’s most popular style of purses or the ten best-selling flatscreen TVs.The definition of work has changed—but one photographer found that the desks of top creatives are strikingly traditional.

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In Dhahran, children join the Boy Scouts, play baseball, and wear blue jeans to school. It’s the world’s richest company town, a planned community for the employees of the Saudi Arabia oil company Aramco. has some wacky laws: in Michigan for instance, it is illegal to paint a sparrow in the colors of a parakeet and then sell the bird for profit.

A photo series by one of its residents displays a town that could be right out to 1950s America. In her book I Fought the Law, photographer Olivia Locher illustrated bizarre laws from all 50 states.

Other times, it shows us the rituals of daily life and the interior worlds we thought we knew, from how people get to work to how they eat dinner every night.

At its best, photography forces viewers to consider something they hadn’t before, even if it’s something as mundane as how people get to work each day.

She found that the supposed American ideal, of a family sitting down at a table, all eating the same thing, is usually far from the truth.

Seventy miles east of Bakersfield, California, is a veritable ghost town.

Instead, he realized that the images refugees had on their phones were much more powerful.

For his series Syrian Refugees in Lebanon & Jordan, Beck places these images side by side with his own portrait of the person who took them.

In week three we looked at images from two portrait series: Richard Avedon’s ‘In the American West’ and Jill Greenberg’s ‘End Times.’ We also looked at some of Steve Mc Curry’s amazing portrait work. The two series below are examples of the technique that go beyond the simple portrait.

You needn’t get to crazy about making every image in series EXACTLY like the others.


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