Persuasive Speech Rubric Middle School

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Needs Improvement: Student was difficult to understand and spoke too quickly.

Little to no excitement or passion was shown about the arguments being made.

Exceeds Expectations: Student spoke clearly and at an appropriate rate.

Student sounded excited and passionate about the argument being made through the entire speech.

If you're unaware, a persuasive speech is one in which you attempt to convince your audience that a certain point of view or idea is better than another.

This lesson will detail how you can design a rubric to both set expectations for your students and assess their performance on a persuasive speech activity.

Every rubric, no matter what it is used to assess, will have several categories of performance as well as a point scale.

The rubric designed in this lesson will have five categories, each scored on a 4 point scale (0-3).

You will also see questions you can include on a student checklist to help set your expectations for their performance and allow them to monitor their work.

This rubric will be scored based on five categories: Introduction, Argument, Performance, Conclusion, and Overall Delivery.


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