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A downside to using Tintypes to document in this way is the time it takes to create a single exposure.A sensitised plate has the equivalent ISO of 1, in a studio environment a one second exposure would require four 800 watt flash heads.

His work has a parity with the photography of Matthew Brady, Alexander Gardner, George Barnard, and Timothy O’Sullivan who photographed battle fields and regiments of soldiers during the American Civil War.

Their work ‘…brought the gruesome realities of warfare home to the American public’ (Foner, E. It could be argued that being inspired by these historically significant images, Drew sought to once again illustrate the human side of modern warfare and bring the realities to the general public.

The use of Tintypes themselves can aid the representation of fragility within the subject matter.

The fact that each plate has its own unique flaws caused by inconsistent flow of collodion over the plate also aids this discussion.

Each soldier exhibits unique scars, whether physical or mental, caused by being exposed to a war zone.My practical work is underpinned by the Tintype’s ability to reveal a great deal of depth in a portrait.Ultimately I want to better understand how the Tintype process is able to achieve this and how it aids an accurate representation of the subject.Ed Drew – Image Analysis Drew’s use of tintypes – a photographic technique common place in conflicts such as the American Civil War – in Afghanistan, creates an eerie feeling of ghost like figures.The standard issue M9 Beretta holstered across his chest is the remnants of its ‘6 shooters’ ancestor; their m4s are the replacements of Winchester rifles and APCS the modern day pack-horses.Information on the personal study can be found on the exam boards website, so if you’re really stuck head there.Here is the a level photography essay example, feedback is most welcome in the comments section, let us know if it has been helpful.Fear is often struck into the heart of a student when discussing A Level Photography and they hear the word ‘essay’.This is really nothing to be frightened of, it is merely an opportunity for you to explore your ideas in more depth and also a chance to show off.I have chosen these photographers because of their influence over my own work.In mimicking the process of Drew and Palu’s composition – yet in a far less hostile environment – I intend to explore the techniques used which define the pain, exhaustion and sacrifice exhibited by the Marines so well.


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