Personal Integrity Essay

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Personal Integrity Essay

Many studies have found that people who engage in academically dishonest practices in school are significantly more likely to be dishonest, cheat, or even commit crimes like fraud or stealing in the workplace (Crittenden, Hanna & Peterson, 2009, p.339; Sims, 1993; Nonis and Swift, 2001; Lawson, 2004; Harding, Carpenter, Finelli, et al., 2004; Preiss, 2013).

The findings reported in the two articles are being reviewed to determine if they are valid and reproducible (Robinson, 2015).

Although only one of the two doctors may have intentionally or unintentionally falsified their research, both would be at fault because both of their names are on the paper.

Not using unauthorized aids to complete evaluations of your knowledge or engaging in any other forms of cheating (see Cheating & Impersonation).', CAPTION, 'Academic Integrity', CAPTIONSIZE, 2, CGCOLOR, '#1d7ab0', PADX, 5, 5, PADY, 5, 5, CLOSECLICK, CLOSETEXT, '', BELOW, RIGHT, BORDER, 1, BGCOLOR, '#1d7ab0', FGCOLOR, '#ffffff', WIDTH, 200, TEXTSIZE, 2, TEXTCOLOR, '#000000', CAPCOLOR, '#ffffff');" onfocus="return overlib('Demonstrating academic integrity / honesty means being careful to act with honesty and integrity in presenting your work and interacting with your classmates, instructors and all university faculty.

This includes Avoiding plagiarism by properly citing, referencing and quoting any information that is not either common knowledge or your own, original ideas.


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