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Make-up exams are given only under special circumstances and if coordinated in advance of exam day.Student Intervention Strategies Believing that immediate and impactful intervention will help her retain and encourage students throughout the semester, Demarest follows a Pearson best practice of using the intervention strategies built into My Accounting Lab.

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Demarest’s goals for assigning homework in My Accounting Lab are to get students reading the textbook and using the various multimedia assets available to them, for practice with key concepts and terms from the assigned reading, to help students assess their own understanding of the course material as well as to track their progress.

As the course instructor, Demarest’s role is to reinforce new concepts in lecture that students struggled with on homework assignments, provide students with case studies and real-world applications of the content, and assign content and homework in My Accounting Lab.

Homework assignments are due after the initial lecture on the chapter content; they consist of approximately 10 multi-part, numeric response, end-of-chapter problems; students have just one attempt for each problem, but are given three attempts at each part of the problem. The importance of the learning aids for student comprehension is identified by the student response to a voluntary, end-of-semester fall 2015 survey in Demarest’s class (87 percent response rate): 92 percent of students indicated they “always” or “usually” utilized the learning aids to help when they were unable to start or complete a homework problem.

One student who took the survey summed up a key learning aid by saying, “I really like the ‘Help Me Solve This’ option that came with each problem; they were extremely helpful!

I’ve never had an online-professor care so much about my performance, it means a lot to me. ” All of Demarest’s emails are intended to support student success or catch a student before they fail.

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See Module 13 in the My Accounting Lab Implementation Guide for additional ideas and strategies.

As a student stated on the end-of-semester survey, “I liked the explanations they had with every question you would get wrong [in the Dynamic Study Modules]; it was easy to realize what I needed to study for.” Additionally, 81 percent of students on the end-of-semester survey said the Dynamic Study Modules helped them learn and remember chapter content.

These are mastery-based and required, so students generally complete them all.

Professor Kate Demarest has been at Carroll Community College since 1989 and teaching Financial Accounting for 17 years.

Financial Accounting is a three-credit course, which is the first semester of a two-semester sequence, enrolling approximately 250 students each year.


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