Mba Thesis Customer Satisfaction

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It is the consumer preferences to buyspecific brands due to their qualities, image and price, and moreover, they generally loyal to buy and means for others.

Because of the brand loyalty their impulse buying becomes ordinary by boosting purchase time(Malik & Ghafoor, 2013).

According to (Omar, et al., 2011), consumer satisfaction happens during a precise duration, such as after the choice to purchase, consumption and accrued experience.

Extensive empirical proof has cited that satisfaction is a predominant result of activities relating to marketing and connect with the decision-making processes and consumption with post purchase phenomena such as mindset change, word-of-mouth, repeat purchase, buy intention, and brand loyalty (Cronin & Taylor, 1992);(Oliver & Swan, 1989).

2.8 Types of loyal customers influence on brand loyalty and customer satisfaction Some businesses make their clients loyal intentionally by using monopoly power even customers do not want to be loyal and some businesses attract to get loyal customers by offering low price products and services.

Moreover, businesses which are very careful about their brand (Grönholdt, 2000).Brand loyalty concept has regarded as a significant concept in literature of marketing for 40 years ago(Howard & Seth, 1969).On the other hand, (Khan & Mahmood, 2012) recommended a definition that mirrored these advantages in a proficient way, by expressing that brand loyalty can be characterized as the unrestricted responsibility of the clients and strong communication with the brand that is not probably influenced under ordinary conditions (Maheshwari, et al., 2014).Brand loyalty has many crucial important strategic benefits to businesses, such as regarded as an imperative feature of value of the brand, reduce down costs, less sensitive to price, deliver in new possible trustworthy consumers, and advantage in global marketplace (Mao, 2010).On the other hand,(Keller, 2003) describes brand loyalty under the work brand resonance which means customer – brand relationship and the extent to which customers experience which they are “in sync” with the brand(Alhaddad, 2015).Brand loyalty is the fundamental objective of the businesses that they offer about their products and services.For businesses, brand loyalty is important to improve revenues of the businesses, attain high price,maintain clients rather looking for other ones (Malik & Ghafoor, 2013).Satisfaction has continually been described as procedures and results that have been recognized as a key determinant for loyalty, especially in the retail context(Bloemer & de Ruyter, 1998).When it comes to satisfaction, customers can also now not suppose about the aspects of the process and as an alternative may additionally focus completely on the outcome (Parker & Mathews, 2001).A few researchers for example;(Johnson & Fornell, 1991)endorse that customer satisfaction is the typical contrast primarily based on the whole experience with a good service over time.For example,(Swan & Oliver, 1985) describe satisfaction as a particular affective/cognitive post-purchase orientation that focuses on the contrast of the product in terms of its “performance in use”.


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