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Tutorial (the problem parts plus the hints in Mastering Physics walk you through how to do it) 6.

Problem 14.09 Sketch and translate (a) The states of the two charged spheres before and after connecting with a wire (and then removed) are shown below.Here is where our customers get directly involved in improving our service, as only the best will rise to the top and continue working for us. All of our work is 100% guaranteed, with a money back refund if you are not satisfied with the result.The only reason we can make this offer and stay in business is because we have the confidence that meets the affordability and quality tests every student is seeking.Since the electric force between the two spheres has changed, we conclude that charges have been redistributed between the two spheres.Represent mathematically The connection allows charge to move from one sphere to the other, so that when equilibrium is established, both spheres have the same charge: 1 q′1 = q′ 2 = ( q1 q2 ) = q′ 2 Since the force is 22.5 N after the connection, we have (assuming both charges to be positive) kq′ 2 F′ = 2 r ⇒ q′ = F′r 2 = k ( 22.5 N )(1.0 × 10 m ) 5 9 × 109 N ⋅m 2 /C2 2 = 5.0 C Thus, the total charge is q1 q2 = 2q′ = 10 C .This is achieved by completing the assignment in the shortest allowable time while seeing you achieve the best understanding possible.It is not an easy assignment for us to consistently meet this standard for our customers, and this tells you we are hard at work trying to make sure every one of our customers is successful.In learning anything new you have to have confidence in your instructor.At we earn your confidence by generating the highest quality result that will help you succeed in the class, not just a single assignment.To accomplish this goal requires two parts: affordability and competency.As your Physics homework solver we have designed an online system that is easy to use and won’t require you to take out another student loan.


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