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Sales pick up over the summer with July, August and September each contributing 2% to the total. Space-age acrylic (SAA) is a very compact material that is purchased in powder form. Property and business taxes 39,000 Supervisor’s salary149,400 Amortization on equipment178,800 Insurance24,000 Other 75,600 $ 510,000 • The property and business taxes are paid on December 31 of each year. • The annual insurance premium is paid at the beginning of March each year.

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Your assignment is to prepare a master budget for the next 3 months ...

The bid that was accepted totaled $212,000 of which 40% is to be paid in August 2008 and 50% in September 2008. Administration Expenses budget: The budget covers the expenses incurred in framing ...

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Toy Works’s President felt certain that the marriage wouldn’t last, and expected Chris would be back any day.

But time is passing quickly, and there is still no word from the desert.

The 10% holdback will be paid in January 2009, assuming everything goes as planned.

Manufacturing overhead costs shown above already include the amortization on this equipment. An arrangement has been made with the local bank that if Toy Works maintains a minimum balance of ,000 in their bank account, they will be given a line of credit at a preferred rate of 6% per annum. Production budget: After preparing sales budget the next budget will be production budget.

Prepare a budgeted income statement and a budgeted statement of retained earnings for the year ended June 30, 2009 using absorption costing.

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