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If you have references to items written by a group (such as the Conference Board of Canada), then you alphabetize their entries according to the first significant word in the group's name excluding the initial article (A, An, The) . Note: see Chapter 7 of the APA Manual, 6th edition for the general reference form for different types of references such as periodicals (articles from magazines, newspapers or journal articles); books, book chapters, entries from reference works, and more.

If you have multiple reference by the same author, they are listed in chronological order. Tip: see page 4 of this guide for examples of magazine articles retrieved from Library Databases.

Optional: you can add the notation Web log post in square brackets after the article title in order to better describe the format of the source.

Tip: Online newspaper articles from the newspaper's own website may lack page numbers.

See page 4 of this guide for examples of newspaper articles retrieved from Library Databases.

Tip 1: if your book has an editor, then you should list the editor's name as if they were the author, but include the abbreviation Ed. Tip 2: If the book has two authors, connect their names using an ampersand (&). Tip 4: Capitalize the first word of the book's title and subtitle.

Indentation: The first line of each entry should be left aligned, subsequent lines are indented one half-inch (a hanging indentation).

Here is an example of a posting from a blog on a news website.

If so, then you need to include both the names of the chapter's author as well as the editor of the book.

Tip 2: Remember to italicize the book title (not the chapter or entry title).


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