Macbeth Essay On Supernatural

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(17, 1, 44) In this passage, Lady Macbeth is asking the spirits to make her more like a man and to make her as cruel as possible to undertake the murder.

She recognizes that her husband is waffling about killing Duncan, so she wants to be prepared to take it on.

(94, 5, 1) But it was too late; he ended up his life like a warrior.

Evil begets more evil, in that their plan goes from murdering the king, to implicating the guards, and the fact that the king has heirs to his throne means that greater misdeed must be contemplated, although that’s not discussed in this scene.

Macbeth is convinced to kill Duncan, then Banquo to keep his issue from taking the throne.

Lady Macbeth even asks the evil forces to help her in order to follow her intention and desires of becoming queen.

Until they heard the witches’ prophecy their true personalities seemed to be hidden.

The witches’ suggestions illuminate the true characters’ motivations and desires.

It is easier for Macbeth and his wife to believe in prophecy rather than in free will.

It is customary to refer to Macbeth and his wife as the symbols of evil and violence, but more profound analysis makes evident that these personalities are too complicated to regard them from a single point of view.


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