Language And Culture Relationship Essay

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Growing up in a particular society, we informally learn how to use gestures, glances, slight changes in tone or voice, and other auxiliary communication devices to alter or to emphasize what we say and do.

We learn these culturally specific techniques over many years, largely by observing and imitating. (2000) Culturally Speaking: Managing Rapport Through Talk Across Culture.

According to Buttjest, “Culture learning is actually a key factor in being able to use and master a foreign linguistic system.” The Bellagio Declaration of the European Cultural Foundation and the International Council for Educational Development states, “For effective international cooperation, knowledge of other countries and their cultures is as important as proficiency in their languages and such knowledge is dependent on foreign language teaching.”Learning a language is therefore learning the behavior of a given society and its cultural customs.

Language is a product of the thought and behavior of a society.

Language can mark the cultural identity, but it is also used to refer to other phenomena and refer beyond itself, especially when a particular speaker uses it to explain intentions.

A particular language points to the culture of a particular social group.

The worlds in which different societies live are distinct, not merely the same with a different label attached” (Edward Sapir, 1929).

Therefore, to speak is to assume a culture, and to know a culture is like knowing a language.

Language is culture and culture is language Language and culture have a complex, homologous relationship. Krober (1923) said, “culture, then, began when speech was present, and from then on, the enrichment of either means the further development of the other.”If culture is a product of human interaction, cultural manifestations are acts of communication that are assumed by particular speech communities. (2003) Intercultural Communi­cation: An Introduction.

Language is complexly intertwined with culture (they have evolved together, influencing one another in the process, ultimately shaping what it means to be human). According to Rossi Landi (1973), “the totality of the messages we exchange with one another while speaking a given language constitutes a speech community, that is, the whole society understood from the point of view of speaking.” He further explains that all children learn their language from their societies, and during the process of learning a language also learn their culture and develop their cognitive abilities.


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