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This may account for his willingness to admit that, in its early days, Klan leaders "began to 'sell hate at a package.'" "Hate" and the "invisible government ideas," i.e., the Klan's vigilante activities, "were what gave the Klan its first great growth, enlisted some 100,000 members, provided wealth for a few leaders, and brought down upon it a reputation from which it has not yet recovered." That the KKK survived its beginnings, according to Evans, "is nothing less than a miracle," explicable only as "one of those mysterious interventions in human affairs which are called Providence."Evans would have hardly made such an admission in an official Klan publication, although claims that Providence watched over the KKK were common in that literature.

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Yet, Paxton points to the first Klan as "the earliest phenonemon that seems functionally related to fascism." "In its adoption of a uniform (white robe and hood), as well as its techniques of intimidation and its conviction that violence was justified in the cause of the group's destiny, the first version of the Klan . The following mobilizing passions are present in fascisms, though they may sometimes be articulated only implicitly.

If the Klan of the 1920s was a fascist movement, how seriously are we to take the views Evans put forward? It is the first two -- "the initial creation" and "their rooting as parties in a political system" -- that relate to the KKK.

[Note: This discussion is intended to complement "Passing from Light into Dark." Both deal with issues of race, ethnicity, religion, and national identity as foci of the "culture wars" of the 1920s.

This site looks at politics, broadly construed, through the prism of the Klu Klux Klan.

More recently, his studies of American traditions of anti-Semitism have taught me much. Paxton's essay on the five stages of fascisms; from Nancy Mac Lean's Behind the Mask of Chivalry; from William D.

Jenkins, author of Steel Valley Klan and an advisor to the exhibition; and from Kathleen M.I first began serious research into the Klan and the politics of the 1920s when Charles W. and I guest curated an exhibition on the "Swedish Creation of an Ethnic Identity for Worcester, Massachusetts" at the Worcester Historical Museum, a project underwritten by a public programs grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.Professor Estus and I co-authored an accompanying monograph and cataglogue, gå till Amerika (Worcester Historical Museum, 1994), for which I wrote the chapter on "The Tribal Twenties.Blee's Women of the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s. Mc Clymer, October 13, 2001]Though men and women drop from the ranks they remain with us in purpose, and can be depended on fully in any crisis.Also, there are millions who have never joined, but who think and feel and -- when called on -- fight with us.I have also benefitted more than I can say from my exchanges with my friend Gerd Korman.His work on Americanization was an early influence on my own.Did the Klan, of which he was the "Imperial Wizard and Emperor," speak not only for the millions who joined but for millions more?Was he right to boast that no one who hopes to understand America in the 1920s can succeed without first coming to grips with the views -- and the feelings -- of Klan members and sympathizers?Their only moral yardstick is the prowress of the race, of the nation, of the community.They claim legitimacy by no universal standard except a Darwinian triumph of the strongest community.


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