Introduction To Psychology Assignments

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The assignments on the following pages are arranged by chapter.

They are one of the ways I will know if you are understanding the material presented in the text.

This course is set up so that student work is assigned a point value. Chapter assignments - 10 points possible for each of 16 chapters, 160 points possible.

Points are used to determine the final course grade and are earned in the following activities: Maximum points possible for each assignment are as follows: 1. Assignments are graded on organization of thought and completeness of answer. Half credit is given for answers that are close, but in some way incomplete.

Most questions are adequately answered with one paragraph, double-spaced responses.

Total Possible Points: 200 Grades will be awarded according to the following scheme: Students taking the course pass/fail must have a cumulative total of 120 points (D) in order to pass.

It is a broad survey of the field of psychology and an examination of psychological processes through the utilization of findings by researchers throughout the world and across time.

This course will cover all the material presented in the text.

E-mail: [email protected] Course Syllabus: Psy 1Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior.

Often it is also the goal of the psychologist to change or control behavior.


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