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His photos also show he started down a snowmachine-packed trail to explore the Stampede country.

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Afterwards paranoid psychosis with visual and auditory hallucinations appeared and persisted for five days." Mc Candless in his own 430-word journal, at No. Great Jeopardy.'' If the numbers in the journal are actually days, the latter posting would have come five days after wrote about the "Many Mushrooms.

89 of 113 numbered entries, wrote, "Many Mushrooms. DREAM.'' Four lines of gibberish follow the DREAM reference in the journal.

German doctors in 2006 reported "prolonged psychosis'' associated with eating those mushrooms.

Writing in the Viennese clinical weekly they reported on a patient who "became confused and uncooperative.

Weather records for nearby Denali National Park and Preserve show no heavy rains for what Krakauer specifies as the period of time in question.

What follows from there until 50 is a workmanlike description of dismembering the animal he shot and killed out of season.

The journal contains approximately 430 words, 130 numbers, nine asterisks and a handful of symbols.

Other than this, all Krakauer had to go on was several rolls of film found with the young man's body and a rambling, cliche-filled, 103-word diatribe carved into plywood in which Mc Candless claimed to be "Alexander Supertramp" off on a "climatic battle to kill the false being within and victoriously conclude the spiritual pilgrimage." Mc Candless' journal contains no descriptions of what he did at or around the bus.

Krakauer in his 1996 book suggested that Mc Candless was the innocent victim of an unknown poison contained in the seeds of the wild potato. And what this reporter discovered is that the Alaska Mc Candless featured in "Into the Wild," billed as a "true story," is a fictional character.

In writing the book, Krakauer took an individual word or two from Mc Candless' journal and around such entries created little stories.


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