Internet Source Cards Research Paper

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One piece of information you need to include with a journal article that you don't need with a book is the volume and issue numbers.

A source card is an index card with a citation on it to a source, such as a newspaper article, book or website. The title of the website should be underlined or italicized and all lines after the first should be indented.

Since you're writing this by hand, you will want to make a note that the title of the periodical should be italicized.

Include the volume number and the issue number, if available.

Mike Johnson teaches writing at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Western Michigan University.

Against The Death Penalty Essay - Internet Source Cards Research Paper

He wrote Writing Across the Curriculum content for Western Michigan University's Best Practices site.pag., as we are dealing with only online periodicals which do not have corresponding pages in print.Include also the format (Web) and the date (31 October 2009) of publication.Below are examples of source cards for two different kinds of sources.If you do not know how to create a source card for a source you are using, look at the tip sheet called Making a works cited list for guidance on which information you should be included.You will later link your notes to these code numbers.There are many, many different types of sources: books, websites, videos, tv shows, people, to name a few.Depending on the documentation style you're using--MLA or APA--there are different expectations concerning the information you record on your note card from each online periodical.Find the author of the article and the publication year.Making source cards helps you to organize your information and will save you significant time when it comes to writing your paper.Find the volume and issue number of the journal you're referencing.


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