Integrating A Quote Into An Essay

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Don’t just parachute quotations into your essay without providing at least some indication of who your source is.

Don’t just parachute quotations into your essay without providing at least some indication of who your source is.Letting your reader know exactly which authorities you rely on is an advantage: it shows that you have done your research and that you are well acquainted with the literature on your topic.Instead, set it off as a block quotation: Although Dickens never shied away from the political controversies of his time, he never, in Orwell’s view, identified himself with any political program: The truth is that Dickens’ criticism of society is almost exclusively moral.

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A felicitously worded or an authoritative quotation can, on occasion, nicely clinch an argument.

There is some flexibility in the rule that block quotations are for passages of four lines or more: a shorter passage can be represented as a block quotation if it is important enough to stand on its own.

But if your analysis is lengthy, you may want to break it into several paragraphs, beginning afresh after the quotation.

Once in a while you can reverse the pattern of quotation followed by analysis.

Yet the Roman conception of a just war differs sharply from more modern conceptions.

When you are making decisions about how to integrate quotations into your essay, you might imagine that you are reading the essay out loud to an audience. Without some sort of introduction, your audience would not even know that the statement about Roman antiquity was a quotation, let alone where the quotation came from.Make sure that the nuance matches your specific aims in introducing the quotation. Here are three common phrasings: In the words of ‘s view, . But never sacrifice precision of phrasing for the sake of variety.Visit the U of T Writing Website’s page on verbs for referring to sources.If an argument or a factual account from one of your sources is particularly relevant to your paper but does not deserve to be quoted verbatim, consider Note that most scientific writing relies on summary rather than quotation.The same is true of writing in those social sciences—such as experimental psychology—that rely on controlled studies and emphasize quantifiable results.Since the quotation is relatively short, the brief introduction works.You could, however, strengthen your analysis by demonstrating the significance of the passage within your own argument.If your quotation is lengthy, you should almost always introduce it with a full sentence that helps capture how it fits into your argument.If your quotation is longer than four lines, do not place it in quotation marks.(Almost all of the examples in this handout follow the MLA system of citation, which is widely used in the humanities and in those social sciences with a less quantitative approach.) Visit our handout on paraphrase and summary.Quotations come from somewhere, and your reader will want to know where.


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