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During the last decades of the 19th century, immigrants contributed substantially, providing labor for the industrialization and electrification of the country.That wave of immigration was ended by the very restrictive immigration laws passed in 1929.While the “Immigration and Nationality Act” of 1965 abolished national quotas and allowed the flow of immigrants to resume, it has only been during the last 30 years that the mobility of the world’s people has increased significantly.

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Moreover, according to Gallup World Polls, there are about 150 million more people who say that they would migrate to the United States (from every country on the planet) if they had the opportunity.To write a band 9 essay you should first of all choose your arguments to answer the questions from the topic. Remember: you won't be judged upon the quality of your thoughts, you will be judged upon the quality of your writing.So even simple, but : Introduction: simply rephrase the topic and say what this essay is about.So it’s very important to consider all the possible outcomes and decide whether leaving your homeland is worth it.Immigration has always been a formidable engine of economic and demographic growth for the United States.Each year, more and more people from all over the world decide to leave their home countries and move to another place.This essay will examine the reasons and the consequences of immigration.For instance, most of the refugees who arrived in the European Union were escaping from wars.However, sometimes immigration causes more problems than it solves, resulting in negative consequences for both immigrants and their countries of destination.In my view, the main reason of immigration is a strong desire of better life quality and safe future.A lot of people from so-called Third World move to developed countries in search of better employment opportunities, and therefore, higher incomes.


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