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For example, whilst the greater development of land to provide additional housing will in part help provide a ‘Better Environment’ and ‘Better Lives’ the main driving force behind this appears to be to increase revenues with other advantages more of a bi-product.

Every assignment brief includes guidance notes which are written by the CMI to help you to know the main areas to cover.

As a first line manager, demonstrate how you and your team have modified a work plan or situation to meet stakeholder needs more effectively.

Access management direct and your Pathways Workbook for your research and make sure you reference your research sources Remember it is essential to demonstrate you have researched around the subject.

Your assignment must contain a balance of research and your own views.

For every section of theory you include make sure you draw your own conclusions and state your own views.from a quality standard such as the ISO 9000 family or an author such as Dale, Juran, Deming, or, Crosby) this definition can then be matched against the Learners own organisation where possible to evaluate the meaning of quality from the organisation’s point of view.The following points may assist: Each task will give an idea of the amount of personal experience and models you need to include within your assignment.It is essential if the task asks for two examples you give two examples.An Example from a Level 7 Assignment Describe a performance management process for ensuring that responsibility for delivering strategic objectives is shared throughout the organisation.Before writing your assignment, always check these notes as they will give you direction.Presenting the ideal opportunity to include a definition of ‘quality’ using a recognised source (e.g.of effort in a group undertaking” (Burchfield in Rost, 1976).John Adair (2002) expands on this in 100 Greatest Ideas for Effective Leadership and Management to add that leading is about “giving direction especially in times of change; inspiring or motivating people to work willingly; building and maintaining teamwork; providing an example; producing a personal output”.Here you will be able to get lots of helpful resources for use in your assignment.The Oxford Dictionary defines Management as “The process of dealing with or controlling things or people” (2014).


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