Huck Finn Character Analysis Essays

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This ties back to the beginning where you last left off when Widow Douglas was trying to civilize Huck.In Mark Twain: The Fate of Humor Is "Huck" in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, a good literary character for young readers today?He is seen at the outset of the novel as a troublesome young child who needs to be taught how to act in a civilized manner and Widow Douglas and Miss Watson, models of conventional society take him in, attempting to educate him.There are two episodes in which Huck looks to have fun at Jim's expense.These two instances are important because Huck begins to see Jim in a deeper way.In addition, the selfish gratification of money would be very tempting in return for capturing a slave. Race does not become a factor nor does it blemish his desire for friendship with Jim.The bond tightens and the friendship deepens as Huck comes to realize that Jim is a thinking and feeling human being.But in agreement with many scholars and critics the character of Huckleberry Finn is changing and developing.One can basically say that he is a character that grows from boy- to manhood.Huck's Struggle History has repeatedly shown how a society of a powerful majority has harmed the spirit and dignity of a powerless minority.One significant instance can be seen in the Civil War era of American history.


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