How To Write A Interview Essay

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The teacher can give you the name of the individual you should interview or you can choose anyone you want.If you have the second variant, you should state the reasons why you have selected this very person.

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It is a great way to learn about different professions.

Interviews can be used to get to know neighbors, family members, and others.

Scroll down to see more tips for writing a narrative interview essay. You can even change the person to interview if you decide to change the purpose.

If you’re writing about a historical event, you can interview the eyewitness or the historian.

During the interview ask questions to motivate the interviewee to talk. Making an outline will have you in writing the essay.

Begin the introduction paragraph with an anecdote about the person you interviewed. However, any anecdote that grabs the attention of the reader is important.

If you want to highlight a current problem, you can search for a person with a strong and popular opinion about it.

The narrower the aim and the topic of the interview is the more time you should spend on choosing the right person.

The narrative form can use direct quotes, but it allows more freedom to express your own thoughts.

Tell different anecdotes the interviewee shared with you.


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