How To Measure Critical Thinking

How To Measure Critical Thinking-63
To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Although the concept of critical thinking goes back to Socrates and his Socratic method in 400 B. E., many educators have relied on memorization recall to assess their students.Because memorization is easier to teach and test than critical thinking skills, it has snuck into the assessments of many school districts over the years.

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Some faculty have learning goals so general that they are all but impossible to assess. If the assessment is to be scientific, then the goals, objectives, and outcomes must translated into specific hypotheses—ones that can be tested.

Align assessment with instructional focus – “Measures for assessing the impact of instruction must be sensitive to the changes instruction is intended to produce.” (p.

Dispositions refer to “the willingness to engage in effortful thinking and the tendency to be open- and fair-minded in evaluating claims, yet remain skeptical of unsubstantiated claims.” (p.

6) Metacognition means being aware of one’s thinking and in control of it.

Conduct assessments that are sensitive to changes over time – “Simply testing seniors once in their capstone courses is not sufficient to infer changes over time because the levels of skill and knowledge of students entering the program are unknown.” (p.

9) Assess frequently, embedding assessment and feedback into instruction – Students can be assessed too much, especially if the same instrument is being used. The authors recommend a formative approach that embeds assessment in instruction. Guidelines for a scientific approach to critical thinking assessment.

A recent article in highlighted the variation in definitions for critical thinking.

These authors point out that critical thinking is either thought of generically or as being discipline-specific.


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